You don’t need huge investments to begin with : Ritu Grover

The Global Helpdesk, a well-established facility management & concierge services firm was established by Ms. Ritu Grover back in 1998 which serves over 300 large and small corporations such as RBS, Flipkart, EY, Pwc, TCS, Schneider Electric, Microsoft, Airtel, Aviva, HSBC etc through its 10 offices across India. Recently Ms. Ritu shared her details views in an exclusive conversation with us:

 You are truly an inspiration! TGH started 19 years ago, could you brief us on your incredible journey.

It’s not always rainbows and butterflies when we talk of journeys. Even the most influential people in the world have had rough times. Truth be told, storms make great leaders, not sunny days. When it comes to TGH and my personal journey, there have been ups and downs, good times and bad ones. I am on cloud 9 whenever TGH receives an award from clients for being a valued partner but there have been times I’ve been disappointed because someone from our team took an unexpected leave on an important work day. It’s important in such situations to never let success or failure get to your head… once again, storms make great leaders. Once you’re out of the storm, you realise how much you’ve learnt and grown.

How different or difficult was it to stand up to your passion and be an entrepreneur when you started TGH as compared to today?

Back in the day, the concept of female entrepreneurship wasn’t taken very seriously so I’d say it wasn’t a very smooth sailing. Nothing makes my heart feel warmer than seeing women stand up for themselves today. Women entrepreneurs are leading the corporate world in this day and age. That’s something we always should’ve had but better late than never!

We notice that you have an army background. Did the lifestyle in still a certain sense of leadership, confidence which allowed you set forth your idea and stand strong as an entrepreneur?

Of course, with the army lifestyle comes discipline, hard work and most importantly, dedication. The army life taught me to not lose focus, to stay set on your target and to only take a break once you’ve achieved your goal. From my father, I picked up leadership skills. Holistically speaking, army and that lifestyle did have an extremely positive impact on me.

Whom you remember as your first big client? When did you realize that TGH was going to create such a phenomenon?

Way back in 1998 when we started TGH, the concept of both – facility management and our flagship vertical ‘Concierge Services’ – was unknown to the corporates. Our efforts paid off when TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) approached us to take our services for their employees. Next in line was McKinsey followed by Pepsico and the rest is history.

Do you plan on expanding TGH further?

We at TGH never want to stop. We’re always trying our best to excel in all spheres and make our clients happy. Currently we have plans of opening international offices in Dubai, Sydney and London; and of course we want to expand the tiny space we’ve taken up in the hearts of our clients!

How did technology play a role in developing the shape of your company over the years?

Back when TGH was started, almost everything was done on paper. I remember my office looking like a post office with thousands of sheets flying all around. Technology just made life easier for all of us, to say the least. In fact, it’s regulated the entire service industry a lot. The process is more transparent and clients can use our online portal to track their requests. Technology has been a blessing!

Driving such an interesting range of services, what are some of the incidents that have stuck with you?

The service industry is all about exceeding the expectations of your clients. We at TGH do just that. I remember this incident very clearly when a client wanted a Mont Blanc pen for her husband’s birthday. This pen wasn’t available anywhere in India but since we had committed, our dedicated team got the pen all the way from Germany. Nothing compared to seeing the joy in clients eye that day. Our endeavour is to do the same, bring smiles, every day for the 350+ corporates we’re associated with.

What is the advice that you would like to share with upcoming/struggling entrepreneurs or basically anyone who wants to embark on the path of entrepreneurship?

Start. Start with what you have. Start from where you are. You don’t need huge investments or a team of experts to begin with. If you have a plan of action set up, follow it and don’t divert from your goal. 90% people tend to give up mid-way because something or the other doesn’t work out. Find out another route to accomplish the goal, be flexible but never give up.

Actually, Vinay is a writer by chance and writing is one of his passion. He love to pen down his thoughts in the form of blogs/articles & forums. He is a poet too :) Despite having a tough life, he is also passionate about the social relationship and he loves to interact with the new crowd across the globe.

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