Top 5 Digital Wallets that have Scored High Ranks

Times have changed and so does the idea of spending money for the purchase and sale of things. There was a time when carrying cash in wallets seemed to be the smartest thing to do, then came the fashion of using debit and credit cards that allowed us to avoid keeping cash in wallets in order to avoid unnecessary bulk in our pockets and also to avoid any kind of mishandling while traveling. What came next is what we will focus in our following write-up.

Digital Wallet! – What is it?
Anything that allows users to buy and sell things online via computer desktops and smartphones is a digital wallet. This is one of the most extensively used electronic transaction systems that is booming nationwide especially when India experienced the demonetization phase early this year. Although the term wallet is not much heard in the rural India, the urban lot are completely in love with this electronic transaction boon that has made their lives simpler.
The Top Five Digital Wallet Companies Ruling Scoreboards in India

#1 PayTm
Paytm, launched in 2010, is one of the largest mobile wallet app that has been working with the sole purpose of helping people with their cash problem. The brand that was not much of a brand until it gained its popularity with demonetization. Whether the usual grocery stores or bigger businesses, payments via Paytm are being accepted everywhere. There is no second reason to not switch to such a remarkable digital wallet technology completely than to simply attain it. Buying online movie tickets or purchasing online grocery was never so easy as it has become with Paytm. So, download the app now and enjoy this wallet.

#2 Airtel Money
Airtel Money app is one of the very extensively used digital wallet among users who wish to recharge prepaid accounts or pay postpaid bills without any hassle of going to the Airtel stores for it. Buy everything online with the help of your digital wallet. Just load some cash in it and get started instantly. Airtel Money wallet is the safest mode to buy and sell things online as for every transaction or payment you make it requires a secret 4-digit mPin.

#3 Freecharge
Freecharge, yet another big giants in the digital wallet industry has been doing quite well in establishing a strong user base of its own here in India. With Freecharge’s endless coupons on every recharge that you make, this digital wallet surely makes sense to rule hearts of the modern youth. Pay your phone bills via Freecharge and stay easy on your pockets.

#4 MobiWik
Mobikwik, a Gurgaon-based e-wallet payment system ranks four when it comes to providing digital wallet services in India. You can load any amount of cash in this wallet and feel yourself comforted with the ease of paying bills, and other online purchases in just a few easy clicks.

Jio Money
The recently launched JioMoney in 2016 by Jio, is also a digital wallet payment app that allows users to receive lucrative discounts and offers on every purchase they make for desirable goods online. The bookmark feature in this app will help you to notify about the frequently visited retailers with a view to make your shopping experience faster than before.

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