Technology has democratized the entrepreneurship | Mr Rajan Sharma, Founder & CEO, Excess2Sell

Excess2Sell is India’s biggest online marketplace for ageing assets, reaching to 1,69,000 B2B businesses. It has a registered seller-buyer base of above 15,000 players and roughly transacts 10,000 deals across 11 verticals and in more than 340 categories of products. You must be curious about the story behind Excess2Sell and how it is helping B2b industry by utilizing their access inventory. Recently Mr Rajan Sharma, Founder & CEO, Excess2Sell was with us in an exclusive conversation The Articles Today and he elaborated about the future of Excess2Sell:

Excess2sell is leaving footprint in the industry. Whose brainchild was it and what was the thought behind?

– Anant Chaturvedi, Director; Navinder Chauhan, Director and I, CEO are the co-founders of Excess2Sell. Prior to founding the company, in our last professional stints sometime at the end of year 2015 we faced a force majeure situation with our product inventory at the distribution points which affected an entire location. The ageing inventory of stockists led to blocked capital and a slow turnaround time for sales. This got us thinking and we began to explore ways and means to overcome this situation across channels. Excess2Sell was conceived as a solution to overcome this problem faced by the large Indian B2B player base.

As we see you deal in utilizing the excess inventory and if I am not wrong you are helping people in a very unique way. What is the business model?
– We help brands, manufacturers, vendors, distributors, wholesalers and dealers in liquidating their aging or excess or unsold inventory through our online e-commerce portal – www.excess2sell.com. Our business model is based on charging a transaction fee on successful liquidation of the stock.

Every business has competitors. Do you also face competition and if yes, how do you counter them?
– Yes, we too have competition but it’s primarily from unorganised players in this segment. This segment is very fragmented and their reach is limited as they deal one-on-one with the sellers and / or buyers. However as of today, specific to ‘excess inventory liquidation’, there is no universal platform like Excess2Sell.

Do you handle the entire end to end process in-house or you have other partners such as logistic, back end etc.?
– The entire end-to-end process is handled with our platform and it integrates our partners including banking and logistics, among others.

You mentioned that GST was also a boosting factor for your business. Can you explain us how?
– Prior to GST, we needed to ensure compliance with State-wise taxation which was different for different States and was very complicated. However, now with the ‘One Nation-One Tax’ system, taxation as a part of the process has become linear and simple. This has opened up huge opportunities that seamlessly allow to and fro of goods across the country.

These days every entrepreneur talks about opening their own Startup. Even Govt. has the “Startup India Program”. Do you think the Govt. policies are friendly enough for new business formulation?
– Very true. Today the system is pro-active, supportive and encourages budding entrepreneurs. The environment is conducive and enabling for Start-ups to establish and flourish which has provided a kind of incentive for aspiring entrepreneurs to work more vigorously and achieve their goals. Excess2Sell is one of the very few early Start-ups to be certified under the Start-up India Program. Under it, we have been certificated with DIPP205 which was a definite morale booster and further instilled confidence in our endeavour.

Since you have already noticed a remarkable growth, do you plan to expand Excess2Sell by raising funds?
– Yes, a growing business is always in the need for funds to expand, to refine its processes and make it more efficient as an enterprise. As of now we are angel funded by ex-banking professionals and businessmen who understand this platform and potential. We are looking at raising the next level of investment soon as we grow and add new verticals to include more products. Also our vision is to take this platform cross-border especially to the Middle East, SE Asia, North and South Africa, where distribution and channel structures are similar to India.

Would also be keen to know who Mr. Sharma is and where you started your journey from?
– I have graduated with a BE from Mumbai University and completed PG DMM from JBIMS. I have been associated with companies like Priya Ltd. / PEAC SINGAPORE where I worked closely with Intel, LG, WDD when the PC market was in a very nascent stage. I’ve spent a major part of my tenure with D-LINK and GIGABYTE (erstwhile JV with Smartlink Holdings), where I was responsible for the business unit that was in manufacturing and marketing desktop motherboards under the brand – GIGABYTE and then later under our own brand – DIGILITE. This helped me gain extensive operational and commercial insights while working with major foreign MNCs like – PEGATRON and FOXCONN other than working for our local OEMs like – HCL, WIPRO, ACER and ZENITH, among others. With constant support of Mr K R Naik – CMD, Smartlink; P Vyas – Director, Sales, D-LINK and Bimal Raj – CEO, SMARTLINK, and Bhushan Prabhu, CFO, SMARTLINK who with their excellent insights to my business units of GIGABYTE and DIGILITE helped me grow and learn the various aspects of running business, managing teams, vendors and post-sales services.
What is the advice that you would like to share with upcoming / struggling entrepreneurs or basically anyone who wants to embark on the path of entrepreneurship?
– Be very clear on what you have set out to achieve. Family is the best support system you may have and self-belief is the key. Don’t waste resources and cross the bridge when you reach the bridge.
Most importantly, technology has democratized the entrepreneurship. Today is the best time to be bold, brave and achieve your dreams.
– Mr Rajan Sharma, Founder & CEO, Excess2Sell.com

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