We want to take F&B Industry to a new height | Shreya Sabharwal, Founder SQUAREFORK

Shreya Sabharwal, runs a startup SQUAREFORK based out of Delhi and it works exclusively for restaurants and handle their digital marketing requirements. Recently we had an opportunity to connect with her and she and shared the vision of the organization and future plans:

Thank you Shreya for this exclusive conversation. Tell us where is your startup based out of? Why do you think that Delhi is the best place for you?
Shreya: My startup is Delhi based, i think Delhi is best place for such kinda startup as Delhi is a hub of restaurants, and every day the shutdown rate of restaurants is more frequent than opening. When a restaurant opens, it launches with the motive to touch skies and due to lack of guidance it fails badly. So, Delhi is therefore best place for such organization to work.

What made your serve only for the restaurants, why not other verticals?
My basic motivation behind venturing into this industry was that, F&B industry is the most popular and demanded industry and despite such demanding industry, out of 100 restaurants 80 of them gets shut within two years. So why not help these restaurants to increase their sales and help them to achieve the heights which they planned in the initial step of their openings. And sometimes the restaurant owner is not from the same background. Every day there are so many new restaurants opening up, which gives motivation and enthusiasm to me and my team mates to make the new restaurant a top brand.

Do you think you are making enough revenue as you are not focusing on other industries?
As we have already achieved more than 30 clients on board in just 4 months. So yes, I am making enough revenue by focusing in just F & B.

What all services do you offer and how you make sure you are different from other digital marketing agencies?
There are lot of companies already existing and many new startups coming up with great innovative ideas. But our startup is different as we look into each and every service required. Most of the companies offers one or two services but SQUAREFORK is one stop solution for all the services which F&B Industry required. So when you hire us, we make sure every obstacle should be addressed properly and achieve awesome results. You can say we provide a complete end to end Digital marketing services for restaurants.

Who are your competitions and how are you better than them?
I don’t think I have any competitor as usually other companies believe in catching brands and I believe in making a new restaurant a brand. Moreover, SQUAREFORK provides all services related to F&B industry and restaurant growth.

How hard is to have a work-life balance as a startup founder and how do you manage it?
Since it’s a startup, Life is very challenging, and moreover being the only female founder surviving in restaurant industry where main work begins at night is not easy. Everyday has a new set of challenge, but yes this is where my passion comes in and I love every bit of my work so I manage everything very smoothly.

What is your future strategy and where do you want to see SQUAREFORK 5 years down the line?

Our future plans are to expand our business across India and even take it to abroad after a span of time. We want to take F&B Industry to a new height and establish a brand in coming years.I strongly believe my passion for work will make my dream come true.

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