Roohani sisters

ROOHANI SISTERS- The Voice to Sufism

A Jugalbandi of Mystical voices, creating magic every time they sing

Sufi Music, the devotional music of the Sufis, inspired by the works of Sufi poets, such as Rumi, Hafiz, Bulleh Shah, Amir Khusrow and Khwaja Ghulam Farid etc., is performed as ghazals, Kafi and Qawwalis in cultures of South Asia. Sufi love songs are often a solo genre accompanied by percussion and harmonium, using a repertoire of songs by Sufi poets.

Jagriti Luthra Prasanna and Neeta Pandey Negi, popularly known as Roohani sisters, are the names that have become synonymous with Sufism in the modern era. These young, talented and mystical sufi singers have performed Sufiyana Qalams, Qawwali, Kafi and Ghazals in traditional style across India. However, they are known to have brought a new wave of improvisations in their singing by merging their music with various elements of Indian Classical Music such as Sargams, tans, bol-aalap, layakaari, bol baant etc. which makes their rendition even more conventional and appealing and instantly connects with the heart. Sufi, a spiritual, ecstatic, dynamic & powerful music that it is, when performed in perfect Jugalbandi by Roohani sisters, is an ultimate treat to the listeners.

Every time they perform, they can win the hearts of people by their unique jugalbandi. One reason for this is their mesmerizing and enhancing voice which brings people together, and the other reason for this is that they merge Indian Classical with Sufi Music in such a way that it gives their Music a whole new dimension.

Roohani sisters, highly trained in Sufi & Indian classical Vocal music, have the highest Doctorate degree in this field. Being women, the Roohani Sisters’ excellence in Sufi Music and their idea of propagating this music as not just a male dominant league, but a gender unbiased pure Rooh (soul), has made them earn lauds. These mystical Sufi singers have brought many laurels to India thus representing the nation worldwide.

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  1. May 5, 2018 @ 2:21 pm Rajneesh negi

    Wonderful performers


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