Roca & We Are Water Foundation launch #CleanYourHeart Campaign on World Toilet Day

Strives to influence behaviour towards domestic helps and their right to access hygienic toilets

 New Delhi, 20th November2018: On World Toilet Day, Roca and We Are Water Foundation India released a powerful film #CleanYourHeart, bringing one of the most prominent issue faced by millions of domestic helps every day, i.e. ‘Access to Toilet’. The short digital film addresses the stigma that many domestic helps in India continue to face i.e. the lack of access to household toilets in households/families they work for. Even the most progressive Indian households are hypocritical when it comes to the domestic helps using their toilets creating an environment of inequality & unjust in the household.

Commenting on the initiative Ms. Mayuri Saikia, Marketing Head, Roca Bathroom Products Pvt. Ltd. says “India as a country has made significant progress on all fronts, however, we as a society are still struggling to get rid of some old age taboos such as untouchability, unequality & unjust treatment towards the under privilege section of the society. One of such cultural barrier is the prevalent mindset and practice among Indian families for not letting their domestic helps use their family toilets. The irony of the situation is that despite availability of a toilet, most domestic helps (mostly women) are discouraged from using them; while they are ones doing all the household chores including cooking, washing clothes, looking after the kids, etc. On this World Toilet Day, Roca along with the We are Water Foundation pledges to sensitize Indian households and stress on their responsibility towards their domestic help through our latest campaign #CleanYourHeart. We hope to drive the much necessary behavioral change towards their domestic helps and their right to good working conditions.”

Striking an emotional cord, the film is shot in the familiar construct of a home, capturing how an old lady from a modern family is made to realize right of a domestic help to use their family toilet. Executed in an endearing manner by the central protagonists of the film, the daughter-in-law extends complete support to her house help by acknowledging her contribution and utmost trust bestowed upon her for taking care of the family needs. Showcasing two contrasting behavioural patterns of the two ladies of the house, the elderly mother-in-law and the modern daughter-in-law, the film draws attention towards our responsibilities for ensuring complete protection and providing workable conditions including access to hygienic toilets for domestic helps to discharge their duties efficiently every day.

The campaign is part of the foundation’s larger effort to bring a collective change- both behavioral & structural, in the society and providing equal opportunity for all when it comes to hygiene and sanitation. The foundation aims to drive the behavioral shift to end discrimination and change mentality towards domestic helps’ right to hygienic toilets.

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  1. November 27, 2018 @ 12:50 am Vandana

    Very well researched….it happens in 100% households in India…..little difficult to overcome this.


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