Reasons for increased awareness of residue free farming

The changing time has always seen a constant evolution of people’s preference in terms of consumption of food. Much of this can be attributed to the penetration of technology and a substantial increase in the horizon of the digital media. In, the present day staying fit and healthy has become the need of the hour. Due to easy access to a lot of diversified content, people have become extremely aware of the consumption of agricultural produce thus creating a demand for healthy and fresh food. To cater to the constantly increasing demand for healthy agricultural produce, we at EarthFood are committed to promote the concept of residue-free farming, which is an alternative agricultural system for rapidly changing farming practices.

Residue-free farming can be best described as the use organically derived biocides and biofertilizers to protect crops and their enhance growth. We firmly believe in the fact that technology has played a significant role in disrupting every sector of the economy and agriculture being the backbone of the Indian economy, it would be unfair to omit the role of technology in the sector. We at EarthFood, adopt modern technologies like green-house, mulching paper, drip irrigation system, fertigation, ifm- integrated fertilizers management, ipm- integrated pest management, residue-free production, packaging material, global gap standard pack house, traceability code, reefer van, round the year production, rainwater harvesting, high density plantation, contour farming, wasteland utilization, biodiversity farm management software, farm waste management etc. This helps in maintaining the quality of the product and serve healthy, wholesome and nutrient-rich food that would be in the best interest of the population. Considering the increasing demand of the health-friendly produce, the following are the reasons that can be associated with the increased awareness of residue-free farming.

1. Increased demand of fresh farm produce:

Majority of the produce sold today is full of chemicals/preservatives which are added to enhance the shelf life of the vegetables, this, in turn, increases the risk of health hazards to the people consuming them. It is however imperative to understand that good health is life’s greatest blessing and fresh produce are an integral part in maintaining a balanced healthy life. The produce that is fresh and free of residue is rich in nutrients, antioxidants and are much more flavorful. They contain natural sugar which is not harmful to the human health. Apart from being nutritious and tasty, farm fresh produce are ready to eat the minute you receive them. When you buy these vegetables, you’re receiving the yield at its highest form.

2. Health conscious:

With the “Eat healthy stay healthy” approach adopted by the masses, it is essential to understand that there has been a substantial increase in the demand of fresh farm produce that is rich in nutrition and that would also help in enhancing the quality of life. Keeping the same in mind, we at EarthFood have incorporated the concept of farm to fork which deals with the fact of reducing/minimizing the human handling of the produce that further enhances the quality and the freshness of the produce.

3. Awareness:

In today’s era where technology plays a pivotal role in the lives of individuals, People have become much more aware of the extreme use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and the hazards posed by them. It thus becomes a moral responsibility of every individual to promote the awareness of benefits of consuming residue free products that are fresh and maintain their appearance, flavor, and nutrients without any kind of bioengineering. The produce is also responsible to boost immunity, provide energy and is devoid of chemicals, dyes, or preservatives.

4. Lifestyle change:

Globalization, evolution in the farming practices, and constant change in technology in the agri segment have contributed to the ever evolving food patterns in India. Looking back, around five decades, there has been a drastic change in the consumption pattern as compared to the present where global cuisines are available at a touch of a button. Due to rapid transformation in the consumer behavior and increased awareness in the health segment, people are now focused on the benefits of consumption of fresh and residue free food. To welcome this change it is imperative to adopt the practice of residue-free farming wherein the food that is produced is pure, fresh, healthy and nutritious.

5. Fitness:

Doing everything in moderation is the key to maintain a healthy and a fit lifestyle. It is essential to understand that consuming food that retains their nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and fiber, have many health benefits and help to keep the body, mind and soul hale and hearty.

6. Medical Purpose:

The use of toxic chemical pesticides has had a very negative impact on the environment leading to potential damage to the agriculture produce as well as the health of masses who consume it. Consumption of chemically treated food has always beard a high risk of diseases like leukemia, prostate cancer and lymphoma. Pesticides such as Mancozeb, Carbendazim, Phorate, Metalaxyl, Chlorpriphos and Captafol are dangerous for health and their use should definitely be to a minimum. It has been widely observed that People having food allergies or some kind of dietary restrictions, residue-free products work best for them as they are devoid of any toxic sprays.

With many people going back to the very roots of eating fresh produce, has indeed been a welcome change. In order to keep pace with this change, we at Earth Food, shield Mother Nature from harmful chemicals and pesticides. We believe that food should be pure, fresh, nutrient-rich and healthy and that’s why Earth Food is produced and grown naturally and in an eco-friendly way. We use a healthy mix of traditional methods and innovation to keep pollution and wastage to the bare minimum. Most importantly, we ensure it is minimally touched by humans to avoid adulteration. This, we believe, not only makes it healthy for you, but also for the environment. The trick is not to try and change Mother Nature but to live with her.

This article is originally written by Mr. Nilesh Palresha, Founder, EarthFood

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