Rajkumar Rao– A Hidden Star of the Bollywood!

Who doesn’t want to become famous or be in the news for even slightest of efforts they make for whatsoever reasons whether it is to the media or the always hyped and talked about industry, our very own Bollywood? With countless actors giving their best shots to survive the intense pressure and competition of the very fragile movie industry, only a few of them make up till the stardom. One such actor that has always roused the interest of several filmmakers for a variety of dynamic roles and also outshine other counterparts is none other than Rajkumar Rao.

Destined to be an Actor or Just got Lucky by Chance?

How far does this phrase ‘destined to be an actor’ justify any actor’s credibility? Destiny does play a vital role in deciding your future provided there is more than an equal amount of effort and hard work put into achieving goals. When we talk about actors, it will be unfair to pass judgments on their credibility as all come with one prime motive and that is to taste the stardom. However, still, only the selected few achieve what they want while the rest either leave the race and settle down or try their talents elsewhere.

Nevertheless, this National Award winner was always destined to be an actor right from the time he was a student in Delhi University to his FTI days, gained him acknowledgments for his work in the theatrical dramas from across the industry’s top-notch filmmakers. His debut in the successful compilation ‘Love, Sex aur Dhokha’ paved the pathway to climb the success ladder with his upcoming projects with an assurance to the audience as well as the film makers that he is there to stay.

Call him an actor of substance or a learner; he is who knows what it takes to be an actor and how one has to live up to the expectations of those who want to see him giving miraculous performances with every new project lined up his way. Rajkumar Rao, a phenomenal actor from the state of Haryana, is known for his astounding and marvelous roles be it in acclaimed dramas like ‘Aligarh,’ and a successful romantic comedy ‘Queen’ or his recent black comedy ‘Newton’ calls for all praises and nothing more.

Newton – The Spoken yet Unspoken Success
Although the movie did not fill in box office charts to a satisfactory graph, its entry in the Oscars proved its worth already. Moreover, with amassing actors like the Rao and Pankaj Tripathi acting their roles marvelously, the documentary feel like the movie was a perfect example of how and what one could have done dealing with political stigmas in the impoverished areas of our mother nation. It was Rajkumar Rao’s best indeed performances until today. Last but not the least, there is just one thing that we need to say to him, and that is, keep up the good work as it always makes sense delivering quality work than running for the number game. You rock Rajkumar Rao!

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