Padmavat Controversy – Much Ado About Nothing!

India is a democratic country with open-minded communities that raise their voices every time they feel that the nation hasn’t experienced a turmoil for a while now, irrespective of the issues, which provoke them to do so. The controversy on the film ‘Padmavat’ is one such matter that has fallen prey at the hands of the democrats according to whom the historical facts brought shame to their so-called royal aura. But was it worth to raise the matter to this extent and that too without even doing thorough research on the presumptions?

Movie Makers Vs. Indian Politics

This is not the first time that we’ve come across such a controversy in the Bollywood. Historical epics have faced their share of criticism by the audiences now and then. But, how far is it relevant to be judgmental about those facts that are assumed to be wrongly depicted in the movie just because a few of the lot is seeking publicity from the Indian media? Or should we say that our government’s transforming a democratic world into a dictatorship? With Padmavat and people associated with it facing immense catastrophe mentally, it is high-time that existing government should take strict action against those exaggerating the entire matter and bring every controversy to an end.

The controversy is not new as a few months back the shocking news of the Karni Sena workers vandalizing the sets of Padmavat and attacking Mr. Bhansali came to limelight. As per reports the production team had to leave the pink city with despair and humility in minds. Is this what we call a developing and a growing nation that encourages nonsense from the nonsense lot? Who has even given the right to the so-called moralized segments of the society to demoralize societal ethics and confront with those intending to work for the nation?

According to the reports from various famous news journalists, the movie doesn’t hold an offense to anybody’s sentiments and that it is the highest honor and tribute paid to the Rajputs until today. And, even if it does showcase anything that is not right, it should not be judged by the few people’s conclusion who have taken the entire matter on their egos just to gain free publicity.
In the growing and developing nation where we aim to become world leaders, rising heat on meaningless controversies like the one on ‘Padmavat’ does not make sense at all. In fact, such films should be showcased with utmost pride as it depicts the aura of our old historical leaders who brought honor to the mother nation during foreign invasions.

Common Man’s Take on ‘Padmavat’

An ordinary man is as good a victim of such issues as any criminal can be. Nevertheless, the irony that despite massive rage about the film amongst government personnel and media, a common man doesn’t even bother about its result. Today we don’t need to watch any melodramatic television soap, we have it all on media channels.

To a large extent, the role of media has also encouraged the rage over the historical epic on ‘Padmavat.’ Although most of the reputed news channels are bringing forward valuable content to put an end to the whole fuss created by governments, there are those who raise meaningless debates to simply exaggerate the matter and gain TRPs. In all of the chaos hope film ‘Padmavat’ comes out with a clean chit and prosper to gain unimaginable heights in the upcoming year. Looking forward for its release date soon.

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