Original Dafni VS Fake Dafni

When it comes to hair goals, DAFNI tops everyone’s wishlist. With DAFNI it’s like wearing the perfect filter every day. Made with top quality ceramic material, DAFNI GO & DAFNI Classic are quick, safe and easy to use. Many hair straightening brushes disappear as quickly as they come but DAFNI stayed because of it’s one of a kind hair straightening remedy. Plug in your DAFNI and wait for 50 seconds, the green light on the brush is your cue to start using it. Casually brush it through your hair very slowly for 2-3 minutes and voila you are ready to go out well, at least your hair is.

The key to perfect hair is knowing the product you are using in and out. You get the desired results only if you are using the right products. There are a lot of counterfeit DAFNI brushes available at Flipkart, Amazon. It’s accessible, it’s cheap but it’s harmful. The original DAFNI & Fake DAFNI look the same at one glance, but as you take a closer look at both of them, you can see the difference.

The original DAFNI has its logo on the back side of the brush but the fake DAFNI may have the logo removed on the front of the device or it may look distorted. Another visible difference is the serial number – all DAFNI brushes have a serial number associated with it.

The original DAFNI brush is made with most advanced hair care technologies, ensuring easy, quick and safer results. It comes with patented 3D Technology and simply brushes your hair to give it a straight and smooth finish within minutes. Whereas the fake DAFNI brush has rubber tips which pull your hair when you use it and takes time to straighten them.

The original DAFNI is made with top quality Static – free materials along with its safety mechanism of 44 spring-loaded insulators on top of the bristles that protect your scalp from the heat and ensure no damage.

DAFNI Classic is available for Rs. 15,999 and DAFNI Go for Rs. 10,750 at tressmart, flipkart, Amazon or nykaa. Next time you plan on buying the DAFNI brush, keep the above-mentioned points in mind. If you already own a DAFNI then check whether you have the original one or not.

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