Hrithik Roshan to Invest $878.2K In a Fitness Startup Cure.Fit

The Greek God of bollywood, Hrithik Roshan, invested $878.2K in a Bengaluru based fitness startup, Cure.Fit. It is a holistic healthcare platform, founded in 2016, by Mukesh Bansal and Ankit Nagori, that has its focus on mind, soul and nutrition of a person.

This fitness center is in compatible with the contemporary times which aims to concentrate on the overall personality of a human being, by targeting at physical fitness (, mental fitness (, nutritious food ( and primary care (, the latter is yet to be launched.
Not only this, but to simplify the tasks for the fitness freaks, the fitness startup also developed an app for the android and iphone users in May 2017. With the help of this app, they can search for nutritious meals that best suits their body type and order them online or book gym classes or they can also learn work out tips or physical exercises at home.

Till date, has been able to acquire the membership of about 40,000 people and has established its outstanding footprints in Delhi NCR, Bengaluru and Mumbai. The startup has about 34 cult centers and 7 centers in Bengaluru. Without a doubt, the fitness startup is leaving no stone unturned in expanding its presence and creating a fitness buzz among the people.

Apart from this, Hrithik Roshan investing in such startups will encourage people of all age groups whether youngsters or middle aged people to stay fit physically, mentally and spiritually. Moreover, the actor had also signed a 5 years contract valued at $14.63 Mn (INR 100Cr) as the brand ambassador of Cure.Fit. Putting the acquisitions part into the limelight, Cure.Fit acquired Fitness First in India, its subsidiary Cult Fitness and other startups like Tribe Fitness, Seraniti, Kristys, Kitchen and a1000 yoga.

This is truly an incredible point to note that an estimation shows, the sports, fitness and wellness industry in India is poised to be a $90 Bn industry by 2022, growing with a CAGR of 17%. This implies that people are inclining more towards fitness and health activities. Gone are the days when there was a need to to spread a word and awareness among people that staying healthy should be the priority. Modern lifestyle has eradicated all roots of junk food, unhealthy lifestyle and sloth, urging people tend to carve a slice of their time for their health and workouts.

No doubt, bollywood celebrities investing in the fitness centers, has acted as catalysts for this industry and adds much to their already booming business. Similar is with Cure.Fit which is all set to gain a fascinating response and generate a supersonic buzz among people regarding their physical fitness.

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