How come America is still ruling the world

Since the rise of human civilization, the quests for power and dominance have been a frequent theme. Over decades it has turned clear that world is bowing down to the United States of America as the supreme power. Over the year America has been the pioneer in the field of development, technology, arms and economy. America has a cultural and technological impact on many countries and population. This is reflected in the way the world is adapting the “Americanization” of their culture and ideas.
However, the answer to the question “How is America still ruling the world?” is full of layers and interesting facts.

The best way to examine the power of a country is to begin by their historical accomplishments. It all begun with America’s struggle for freedom that was a colonial revolt that took place between 1765 and 1783. The Patriots of America in the Thirteen Colonies won independence from the rule of Great Britain. In both the world wars, especially during World War two America had a decisive role. After emerging as the winner of the long stretched Cold war America is now the crowned King

In terms of technology America has proved itself ahead of the game plenty of times. First shown to the world in 1973 by American television and radio manufacturer, Motorola, the cell phone was presented to the world by the USA, from Nicola Tesla and Elon Musk the country has changed the game of science. All this was achieved by using practical methods of learning. The US built itself as the world’s education superpower with a huge concentration of top universities.

The USA also pays attention to the physical aspects of life. The Rio Olympics saw Team USA top the medal chart in every category for the seventh time in Olympic history.

America is the key member of the UN and the UN Security Council. Basically, try to think of the United States as a giant octopus with all its arms in all direction of development. Another side of the growth of the country is since Americans don’t have Europe’s aristocracy or Indian caste system, they created their own hierarchy based on entrepreneurship.

Today in India we spend most of our time fighting about petty issues and continue to discriminate on the basis of caste, creed and religion. However, this is exactly the reason we lag behind in the race to global greatness.

At the same time, USA had the advantage of its immigrants from all over Europe and other parts of the world. They provide the world with the fantasy of the “American Dream” which is why the USA became a place of dream fulfilment for hardworking mass.

This is the dream we can have for India, this can be our destiny. The moment we embrace the idea of stepping out of the box and start working as a team, we can be the leader in all fields. The USA didn’t get it as a part of their heritage; they created it on their own.

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