New Age Drinks for New Age Mothers

Rocking the cradle, brewing the stew and earning the bread – juggling work and home is a piece of cake for the new age mom, apparently. Being a mother is a full-time job in the first place and the math for working moms gets even more complex. In a tight schedule, between chores and commitments, leisure and self-care take a back seat. There’s so much on her plate and yet not enough at the same time!

Statistics, in general, draw a rather depressing figure of lower nutritional levels in women worldwide. According to the Global Nutrition Report 2017, half the country’s women are anemic, alongside the 22 percent of women who are overweight. Data reveal a global trend of low BMI in women leading to higher nutritional risks. Studies on food intake and nutrition suggest that 70% of women have only two meals in a day. Pressed for time, they are constantly on the run – skipping meals, surviving on the old dictum of ‘an apple a day’.

‘It is a known fact that almost all working mothers have an extremely busy schedule to follow in a day. Due to this, they are not able to follow a well-balanced diet. Deficiencies like those of Vitamin D, calcium and protein tend to crop up during this time, as a result of which fatigue and weakness become a part of their daily lives. Even with clients who have shared their blood reports with us, we have noticed that 35% working mothers are deficient in protein, whereas 65% and 85% are deficient in calcium and vitamin D, correspondingly,” says Neha Makkar, Senior nutritionist at Fit Foodies Mantra.

Achieving a successful balanced diet is easier said than done. That is where ‘Happy Ratio’ comes to the rescue by incorporating the science of healthy, uncompromised and convenient feeding. Happy Ratio is an evolved, easy to make, delicious drink and replicates a complete balanced meal for mommies on the go.

Mothers sacrifice multiple needs in a day but a balanced meal should not be one of them. Packed with 30+ vital nutrients, Happy Ratio’s ready-to-make formula is the missing piece that bridges the gap between what mothers should eat daily and the reality of the time constraints that they live under. By providing plenty of energy, busy moms can keep blood sugar levels balanced and maintain a healthy weight with Happy Ratio.

Chef Doyel Sarangi, a finalist on TV cooking reality show MasterChef India and a mother of a five-year-old is currently Head Chef at a restaurant in Pune. She says, “Everyday is a juggle; long, strenuous working hours as a Head Chef at a restaurant while getting done with household chores at the same time. It’s only obvious that I miss out on meals and nutrient deficiency follows next. What keeps me going is a glass of ‘Happy Ratio’. I’m full for a good couple of hours, energized and feel no sign of lethargy. It’s beautiful how Happy Ratio just fits right into my daily schedule and keeps me away from all the unhealthy snacks I may have eaten otherwise!”

This mother’s day or on any regular day, embrace science by adopting a healthier lifestyle with this precisely packed new age meal. Rip it, shake it, gulp it and continue conquering the world, healthy living ‘Makes Sense’, Doesn’t It?

Actually, Vinay is a writer by chance and writing is one of his passion. He love to pen down his thoughts in the form of blogs/articles & forums. He is a poet too :) Despite having a tough life, he is also passionate about the social relationship and he loves to interact with the new crowd across the globe.

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