Deadlock | Unfolding women individuality

After presenting the true picture of world of journalism in his first novel, “Beyond News”, Mr. Sanjeev has come out with a fascinating and heart-warming story of a man-woman relationship and about a woman’s role in supporting her family.

Mr. Sanjeev drew inspiration for writing from his father who was an academician and educationist.

Contrary to its name, “Deadlock”, it is a daring romantic novel which delves deep into the post-marital love lust relationship of a man and woman. It also reads the minds and thought patterns of women, their approach towards sensuality, liberty, empowerment and rights in their personal lives.

In this age of information technology, the relationships have also become technology driven like one night stand and extra-marital relations.

This story takes the reader to his own world where he might have encountered one or other odd woman like the protagonist of this novel, Misha, who takes life in her own stride breaking the barriers and norms of Society. She believes in herself and takes her decisions strongly. Her quest for independence and desire to create the identity for herself in the niche of life. The author has tried to reveal that what happens when a woman does not want to go by the rule book of society.

The author goes on to reflect the different thought patterns of another couple, Siddhi and Vinayak. How Siddhi goes out of way to fulfill the desires of her sister and how her husband stands by her.

In this male driven and dominated world, woman has always been looked upon as a commodity but with the changing trends of society she has started taking decisions, and this very conservative Society abides by her decisions.

The novel goes on to unfold the varied aspects of woman personality in different scenarios.

This novel will prompt the readers to raise questions regarding the unethical relationship of a man and woman which is otherwise probed beautifully here.

Actually, Vinay is a writer by chance and writing is one of his passion. He love to pen down his thoughts in the form of blogs/articles & forums. He is a poet too :) Despite having a tough life, he is also passionate about the social relationship and he loves to interact with the new crowd across the globe.

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