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Advertisements are an impactful method of increasing sales of a product. An audio-visual leaves a lasting impact on the mind and enjoys a better top of the recall value. Besides boosting the sale numbers, advertisements in a way are also trend-setters by occupying the mindshare of young people.

But, have you ever noticed there are hardly any advertisements in both print and TV that do not feature a female? Be it high-end cars or men-only products, advertisements are relying solely on the glamour that female models bring in. Does that make sense?
It seems that the advertisement industry has completely run out of ideas and is increasingly becoming dependent on women folk to sell products. Whether the product or the service has merit or not, advertisements are forcing women to sell everything, all in the name of commercial advertisements. One is often left wondering whether these products would ever be sold if they were not to be advertised by women.

Agreed, women play an important role in everyone’s life but objectification of women for the sole purpose of selling or increasing sales of a product is absolutely not called for. More often than not they are portrayed as weaker, more vulnerable consumers that can be easily swayed by the tall promises that advertisers make. For instance, in a chewing gum advertisement a young girl gets attracted to a young man solely on the basis of his fresh breath! Come on, is there only so much that a girl needs to fall for a guy? Such foolhardiness takes a step further when in a perfume ad, a boy sprays the perfume and a horde of girls fall all over him.

What message do such ads send out at large? That, women are objects of desire and can be easily won over by using those products! Negative portrait of women as weaker sex and objects of lust are creating a negative image and leading to increased crime rates against women. In most advertisements, female models are shown to be thin, setting the standards for girls to become exceptionally thin that they start starving themselves. What service are these ads doing to the society at large by disseminating the message that if you are not thin, you cannot be attractive? Similarly, promoting fair skin is another area that is a cause of concern. Advertisements are in overt or covert ways propagating fair and thin girls, causing stress and inferiority complex among most girls.

Is it so difficult to think beyond women to conceptualize an advertisement? Well, there are some excellent creatives that have stood up to the real meaning of ‘creative’ and thought beyond women to create ads that are both impactful and lovable. One such ad is that of Vodafone ZooZoos. How well have they used day-to-day life events to convey the intended message! But sadly such ads are few and far between.

On the one hand we talk of women empowerment, yet on the other we are blatantly posing them as sex objects. Until and unless we raise our concerns and take concerted efforts, this harassment and objectification of women will continue unabated. It’s high time we came out to voice our concerns to put an end to this harassment.

Actually, Vinay is a writer by chance and writing is one of his passion. He love to pen down his thoughts in the form of blogs/articles & forums. He is a poet too :) Despite having a tough life, he is also passionate about the social relationship and he loves to interact with the new crowd across the globe.

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