Closing Outlets of Macdonald’s in Delhi and Its Effects

The thought of missing the burger from one of the reputed chains like MacDonald’s is taking over the residents of Delhi. If you’re unaware of that, out of 55 outlets that are operational in Delhi, 43 such chains have been suspended with immediate effect from Thursday. The reason for this suspension is the permit that needs to be renewed to be operational again.

This has created a shock among the Delhiites, who tried to visit the joint in the hope of getting the last piece of burger. However, for the majority of the people, it was rather a failed attempt at going there. On their arrival, they could discover up to what extent the suspension has shown its effects.

MacDonald is a leading brand in India. However, it is far behind than other popular American food chains such as KFC or Dominos. While MacDonald’s has tried to be in the competition, but its competitor has shined exponentially high, and with this news hitting the MacDonald’s chain, it is sure to affect the reputation of this chain.

Although the suspension due to the expiry of ‘eating-house license’ may affect the company and its reputation, it has definitely created a vacuum among its regular visitors. ‘MacD’ as it is being known among most of the people is one of the most sought after destination for the college students, who always visit this chain for some of the delicious burgers and to avail some of the best offers as well.

While the reason highlighted for the suspension is regarding the license, the CPRL Board, in their statement didn’t mention any specific reason for the suspension. However, it has been said by an authority, working there that it is merely a suspension and on getting back the license, those outlets can be operational again. Well, this seems to be happy news for MacDonald’s ardent fans.

As a result of this, concern has been raised for the employees, who are expected to lose their job due to this suspension. However, Barry Sum, Spokesperson of MacDonald’s India Pvt Ltd assured that the employees will be taken care of and will be paid their salary during the suspension period.

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