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How Far the Caste Based Reservation Relevant in the Indian Democratic System?

What is a Caste System – An Insight?
The caste system, according to the Hindu mythology is an order, which enabled societal balance amongst its own citizens. It is an age old theory, which became part of lives of almost all the citizens residing in India, especially the Hindus. The upper caste people enjoyed their respective spaces in the society and always looked down upon the lower caste ones making them feel inferior all the time. This was the beginning of the caste based system that prevailed for centuries in the nation.

What was the Purpose of Caste Based Reservation System in India?
However, the purpose of implementing caste based reservation system in the independent Indian constitution was an attempt to abolish the historical injustices and bring forward equality amongst the underprivileged, the ruling government introduced quotas in government jobs and educational institutions for scheduled castes and tribes, in 1950. This was how the reservation category introduced. Quite a positive thought indeed, but did it actually brought equality amongst us?

The State of Reservation in the Present India
Reservation in India has always been a complex topic to raise and discuss as different people have a different point of views on it. Some wish it to be retained for endless benefits that they can avail to raise the standard of their lifestyles easily, while some feel it should be completely removed or abolished to bring in equality. India is a democratic country and thus facing many challenges in terms of socio-economic issues and the reservation system is the prime concerns that are prevailing in our nation.
The fact that India is still a developing nation, caste based reservation system acts as a big hurdle in India’s developmental growth. The ‘lower’ castes are still being discriminated in their daily lives whether in educational institutions or at workplaces. How well has it transformed the lives of the downtrodden still remains a question? The reserved candidates preferred over the deserved ones in all the fields of the society might be hurtful to the latter, but the age old regime followed after India’s independence has left umpteen number of people belonging from lower castes dependent and used to the reservation system and its benefits in terms of finding jobs or availing seats in top most colleges in India.
Whether it makes sense or not, the only solution to abolish caste-based reservation system in India lies in our thoughts. Changing thoughts can bring in a huge difference. Rest is all political melodrama.

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