Being a mother

Life starts in the lap of mother when we open our eyes for the first time. That is the only moment when mothers are egger to listen the first cry of the baby. And from the first cry she dedicates her whole life for the betterment of her kids. Everything she does just to see the billon dollar smile of the baby. If I talks about a definition of a mother child relation, it is influenced and bonded by emotions, care, love, protection and many other special feelings. But since I am writing this blog on mother’s day, it is important to talk what is motherhood? We all know that being a mother is not a joke. It is a full time job without any expectations.

What does it mean to be a mother? Today the technology has taken place in every part of our routine and life has become a machine. Due to the same, everything looks so easy, but have we ever thought of the life that of a mother living in a village where she has no choice but to live the life surrounded with a bunch of struggles.

Being rooted from a rural village, I have experienced the critical challenges of a mother’s life. What makes a lady a mother, you can actually learn from villages where the life of a mother starts at 4-5 am early morning and ends when everyone goes to bed. From kitchen to fields, she contributes everywhere. And despite having such a busy life she never forget her kids. Be it a tough day or easy day, hungry or tired, no matter what, she still feed her own milk to the baby. But due to our male dominant society, they never get the required attention ever during the pregnancy. No good hospitals, no medicines and not even a proper diet plan. In short they survive by god grace. Although, the government has started taking multiple initiatives for the women’s betterment but still allot to do. But still these barriers seem small in front of a mother and she sacrifices everything to offer the best care for their babies.

On the other hand, if we talk about the mothers in metro cities, women are not able to do the justice towards their responsibilities because of their tough routine. I am not blaming the working ladies but it’s a fact that they never able to spend enough time with their kids because of their job cycle. The moment baby crosses 6 months, they handover their kids to an unknown baby sitter and start going office even they are not sure if that baby sitter will do the proper care or not. This is the first stage where the baby should stay with mother which is close to impossible. The first education of the baby should surpass through a mother, not by a baby sitter. Hardly around 40% working ladies do the justice with their responsibilities.

But in both the cases we cannot ignore the immense contribution of a mother to the whole family (not just her own baby). Mother’s day or Women’s day are the only a symbolic ways to show our respect but it should not be limited to a specific day. Rather it should be a part of our daily life. It’s our first and prime responsibility to take proper care of the ladies in every stages of her life. As a husband, as a son and as a part of family, we should strongly think of it and start carrying our responsibilities.

“You can tell the condition of a Nation by looking at the status of its Women.” This is what our first prime minister said about women in India. But the status of mothers in India has been subject to many challenges. Remember, you can imagine your life without a father, but not without a mother. Until then, happy women’s day!

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Actually, Vinay is a writer by chance and writing is one of his passion. He love to pen down his thoughts in the form of blogs/articles & forums. He is a poet too :) Despite having a tough life, he is also passionate about the social relationship and he loves to interact with the new crowd across the globe.

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