Ashwini Yadav: The Constructor of Success

“Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes. “ –Gautama Buddha

Life offers a bundle of challenges in everyone’s situations. But, to the ones who are meant to be great, life has to make sure they are potent enough to face all the odds, and still committed to win. For people like that, life offers a lot more challenges, but the fruits reared after facing those are exceptionally beautiful and have to be earned, and will not be simply handed over to anyone on a silver platter.

Starting with this notion, we begin to explore Ashwini Yadav’s life, and go through his life experiences to see how he constructed the base pillar of SEO India Higherup, and the journey that he embarked upon since then. A small village in Kachnarwa, Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh where a farmer’s family that thrives below poverty line, and finds it difficult to even have one proper square meal a day, let alone think about the outside world and its troubles. This is where our protagonist was born and raised. Considering the status of the family, it was inevitable that he, being a son amongst 6 siblings in the family (4 brothers and 2 sisters) had to become a part of the farming tradition as well, to support the ageing parents and the family too. So he did. Initially, Ashwini did farming and being a young lad he didn’t object his parents’ requests.

But of course, to be great you ought to think differently, and break the barriers and boundaries that others accept without challenging. And our protagonist was one such person, who couldn’t fit in, and knew that one day he would do something that would make a difference and not just fit in into the family trend and not leave a mark. So he decided that he should study and join a school, even though it wasn’t such a popular or an approved notion in that area. Moreover, the schools present in that village were only offering education from the first to the fifth grade. But being a go getter since an early age, he didn’t think twice before taking permission to enroll into one, while even managing the family’s farming business side by side.

And this was just the beginning of the struggles and ordeals that he had to face further on in life. When his schooling was done from the school in his village, he had completed his 5th grade and understood that he should study more as he found it quite interesting, and knew that knowledge was a tool for his liberation. So he made up his mind to pursue more knowledge and wisdom as he grew. But since the schools offering higher studies were not present in his village, the hard decision had to be made. He was to leave his village and go to another one just to complete his schooling. And of course his parents were apprehensive of considering such a defying act, but they had to heed in after seeing the passion and dedication in young Ashwini’s eyes.
So the day came when he moved to a new village, and considering his family’s monetary status, asking for money to continue with studies would have been even more crippling for his parents. So he started this venture alone. “The hardest walk is walking alone, but it’s also the walk that makes you the strongest”, he followed just this and in fact took this as an advantage. Moreover, he had to find a means to start earning. What can a young boy of 10-12 years possibly do to start earning a living for himself and studying side by side as well? Young Ashwini knew, he had to use knowledge as a tool for his liberation. So he did just that. He started tutoring kids younger to him, as he started progressing in school just to become self-sufficient – from school- to food, clothing and shelter- and lived off without asking for a single penny from his parents for his schooling after that.

After completing his 12th he figured out that he found Computers quite interesting so he joined a college in Varanasi offering BCA by clearing common entrance tests. After studying computers, he realized he would love to use that knowledge and combine it with Management skills to get the best of both the worlds. So he started preparing for the CAT exam and cracked it in a year with an 87.7% score. This was the point when he was assured and confident about where his future lied and that he had to follow this path to achieve greatness and make a difference. After taking an education loan, he joined the GNIT College, Greater Noida, UP, and completed his MBA, and was awarded a gold medal for his exemplary performance there. Thereafter, his goals were clear and concise, knowing that he would start a venture of his own and become self-sufficient, yet again. But for this he needed a corpus of knowledge to start off. Even though he got placed in a good company after MBA, which was offering 25k at that time, he left that and joined another company that was only offering 5k but the knowledge that he desired, instead. This was a sacrifice he had to make for the greater good. Ashwini was always a visionary and thought many steps ahead of what others could even possibly imagine, to secure the best seat for himself on the road to betterment and progress.

So after working at the company and gaining the required knowledge in the domain of Digital marketing, like SEO, SMO, ORM etc. and mastering these skills, he knew the time had come to live his dream and start a company and see how it goes. Being a natural risk taker, he didn’t think twice before investing money in infrastructure, people and other factors, knowing that he would succeed one day through hard work and be able to stand up on his own feet as the CEO of a well-known brand.

And of course, that journey was not a smooth one as we can imagine, not having enough money, or the correct people always, supporting his family as well with financial aids, and other such factors were in place; but young Ashwini had dealt with a lot and had just the right skills under his sleeve to make his way out of any adversity that life could throw at him. And since then in 2013 when he set up his company, he never looked back. Being a born leader, a risk taker and having an enchanting personality, he was able to make it through, battling all the odds stacked against his favor.

Today, SEO India Higherup has grown in size and value, since its inception, and is now a brand to be reckoned with in the field of Digital Marketing, specializing in Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Online Reputation Management, PPC, Web Development etc. Starting with just 5 people, now it has about 60 brilliant professionals working tirelessly to make the company reach higher goals under the strong leadership of Ashwini. Having undertaken more than 1000 projects in the last three years with clients spread all over the world – The UK, USA, Australia, Canada and many others alike – the company is on the road of development and it is the vision to reach 100 crore figure by 2019.

Really it inspires and makes us realize that anything is possible if you have a focused vision and you are passionate, you can beat all odds and reach the very top. In the interview with Ashwini, he concluded the talk with the following lines:

“Sapne Wo Nahi Hote Jo Aapko Neend Main Aaye, sapne Woh Hote Hain Jo apki neend udan de”
(Dreams are not those that you have while sleeping, but those that take keep you sleepless at night, for working towards them)

Actually, Vinay is a writer by chance and writing is one of his passion. He love to pen down his thoughts in the form of blogs/articles & forums. He is a poet too :) Despite having a tough life, he is also passionate about the social relationship and he loves to interact with the new crowd across the globe.

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