Yet Another Celebrity Divorce Has the Social Media on Spur – This Time, It’s the Bezos MacKenzie!

The fame and grandeur of the Jeff Bezos and Mackenzie was never a hidden game until the duo recently filed divorce petition that blew the social media world completely. Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, and wife MacKenzie Bezos filed for a divorce recently to end their 25-year long marriage with MacKenzie retaining a share of 25% in the Amazon. According to the sources MacKenzie gave 75% of the shares to Jeff saying she is happy to give him all the interests along with the voting control for the contributions made by him in both the companies.

While many thought the end to their marital status would bring Jeff down to the second most-richest man on globe, he still owns the number one tag with a whopping $ 110 million dollars in the kitty. MacKinsey owns a status of the third-richest woman with $ 35 million dollars in the kitty. Given the fact that the duo would share a close bond as friends and co-parents to their four children has made their divorce end into a smooth affair. But is it that easy and happy-go-lucky as it sounds?

Speculations on Jeff’s extramarital with the girl-friend Lauren Sanchez made it messier on social media platforms like the Twitter. However, MacKenzie soon shunned such rumors by quoting she is happy to end her relationship with Jeff and that he would continue to hold most of the shares of Amazon. Now, whether both parties have explicit business interests or really wanted to part their ways out of personal interest isn’t a matter of concern. What has been more interesting ever since the news of their divorce popped is cascades of men wooing MacKenzie for changing her marital status from single to engaged across the globe! Does that really make any sense? Well, who knows?



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