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A Setback for Android Device Makers in Europe

It all began since Google was penalized with a massive sum of five billion dollars on account of antitrust violations. This major penalty forces Google to upgrade its working policy to be in accordance with the regulation laid down by the European Union. Google is all set to charge a licensing fee to render its Google app services on android devices. Earlier, the facilities were available on a no-cost basis.

With this reform, android users can have free access to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). However, other applications such as Gmail, Google Maps and so on, the android device makers will have to avail as a part of the licensing agreement.

What are the three options available before android device makers?

Now, there are three doors open before android device makers.

  • The first one leads them to manufacture and promulgate android devices without any inbuilt Google applications.
  • The second one is to sell their android products with these applications from Google. However, here the android device makers won’t be entering into any form licensing agreement as per the latest reform policy of Google. If this option gets adopted, users will have to compromise on their Android device experience.
  • At the worst scenario, the third and the final opportunity before the android device makers is to sell their products with a bundle of applications that Google is ready to offer them.

If the android device makers move ahead with the adoption of the second policy, statistically, it would be a heavy toll on the overall revenue of Google. Prominent Google users shall start weaning away from their platforms in search of better search engines and web browsers.

Still, the mystery hovers around whether the users will have the liberty to install Google applications in their newly purchased smart devices or not.

On a final note, it is better to wait and watch for a mutually convenient agreement between the android device makers and Google, so that users won’t suffer from the reformation.

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