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Trump Visa Ban May Invite Job Recessions

Trump Visa Ban may Invite Job Recessions

The Trump visa ban have surely impacted those belonging from Muslim nationality countries to a large extent. The ban that restricted citizens from seven Muslim nations including Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen has brought a lot of chaos amongst the refugees coming in from these regions. The US president Donald Trump gave strict orders to ban nationals from these countries for a period of 90 days and those entering the US premises for 120 days, Syria being the indefinite countries for visa refusal. The state of the people from these origins is obviously not a happy and comfortable one and thus, tensions at the airport have taken a turmoil ever since these orders were issued.

Dual Citizens Worry the Most

While most of citizens from Muslim origins are working professionals in top notch companies of the US, the President’s orders have not spared them too. According to the sources, those working in the US boundaries with dual citizenships will be impacted the most and that their future could be on the verge of a major roll back. According to AAP sources, an Australian-Iranian citizen was knocked down for a US visa for similar reasons. And, still there are several stories coming in from across the globe expressing their miseries over such a decision by President Trump.

How have Educators responded to Trump’s Decision on the Visa ban

President Donald Trump’s visa ban has definitely put the US educators in a world of dilemma. The decision that was levied few weeks back has given shock waves to some of schools in the US that has several Muslim nationals studying as students there. It has been countered that students from the banned countries now hope for their safety in those schools and other educational institutionsthey are presently studying at. However, there isn’t a single second that teachers and principals working in several US schools have not been trying hard to make these children feel safe and comfortable.However, the challenge is bigger than actually thought. The only and the biggest relief will be coming to the innocent ones will be when the president takes a positive call on his visa ban.

A General Insight
Perceptions and assumption could be plenty but political decisions that cannot team up with that of a common man’s thought process. As far as US president’s ban on visa is concerned, we can only wait for some relief for those who are residing in the US for their daily bread and a secure live-in place.

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