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Hybrid Work Model Can Be New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unexpected issues since March 2020, most enterprises around the world have seen a shift from what was once termed a ‘workplace’ to a ‘virtual workspace,’ with employees being compelled to work from home. Aside from the savings in operating costs, there is a growing recognition that employees’ productivity has not…

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How “Make in India Initiative” Is growing so far!

On September 25, 2014, the Indian government unveiled the ‘Make in India’ initiative with the goal of encouraging manufacturing in India and mobilizing the economy through dedicated investments in manufacturing and services. Immediately following the launch, crores in investment commitments were announced. In 2015, India surpassed the United States and China as the leading destination…

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COVID-19 has massively affected our life, including education, businesses, health & lifestyle and it is still draining the whole ecosystem .  How we live, work, communicate, move around and interact with each other has been effected. The covid-19 pandemic has changed the relationship between the market economy, state and society. While economies collapsed due to…


Entrepreneurship is the best way to accelerate learning | Piyush Jain, Co-Founder & CEO, ImpactGuru

Piyush and Khushboo began their entrepreneurial career with a mission to help India’s people find crowdfunding solutions for healthcare, social change, and personal and creative projects. From raising Rs. 25 lakhs for a primary school teacher’s liver transplant, to weeks back having popular actress Sunny Leone setup a fundraiser on ImpactGuru to raise funds for…


StayAbode announces Asia’s largest Co-Living Project In partnership with CP Developers

StayAbode Ventures today announced Asia’s largest co-living project in partnership with CP Developers. This will be the largest A grade co-living project in India with 1400 people living in a community environment, in the heart of Bengaluru’s Whitefield – a professional hub neighbouring ITPL and large MNCs with a working population of over 50,000 millennials….

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